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Jessica Hudson

Jessica Hudson

The Jewelry Nomad

About this Speaker

Jessica was born with a humanitarian heart and a love for nature, travel and cultures around the world. When looking back at her first international visit to India at the age of 16 and remembering what she saw while driving through the slums of what was then Bombay, she can vividly recall the images seen and heartache felt that forever changed her. From that moment her mission in life became to find some way to help better and empower the lives of those in need. Since then she has returned to India multiple times, as well as new ventures to countries in Africa, Europe, Asia and South America. As the years went by, she found herself completely captivated and taken by the mysterious beauty of gems. The fact that each gemstone has its own unique composition, similar to people, was intriguing. It was this thought and her knack for design that propelled her into the world of jewelry. This was exciting until her investigative nature led her to the harsh reality and untold truth behind the jewelry industry. Appalled by what she had learned, her first reaction was to walk away from all things related to jewelry. After some thought and research she discovered an emerging movement in the industry shining light on issues concerning child-labor, funding conflict zones, etc., as well as implementing initiatives towards change and transparency within the supply chain. She is now an advocate for artisanal mining communities across the globe. Every step involved in creating a piece of jewelry, from mine to market, must have purpose and intention behind it. Whether it be traveling to Colombia to meet with the men and women (yes, women!) who mine for Fairmined gold, Sri Lanka to learn about the mining and cutting practices of sapphires or Tahiti to learn more about eco-pearl farming, the aim is always the same; to develop trust and transparency within our jewelry industry.