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Monica Gichuhi

Monica Gichuhi

AGEC Africa

About this Speaker

Monica is a consultant in the mining sector in Africa currently focussed in promoting responsible sourcing of minerals from Africa through her initiative the Africa Gem Exhibition and Conference (AGEC). She previously served as the Advisor to the Minister at the Ministry of Mining in Kenya on Policy, Strategy and Institutional reforms where she oversaw the legislative reforms in the Mining sector. Prior to joining Government, she held the position of Chief Executive Officer at the Kenya Chamber of Mines representing the interests of the private sector stakeholders in the mining industry. Monica was instrumental in the formation of the Association of Women in Extractives in Kenya (AWEIK) whose mandate is to advocate for gender inclusivity in the extractives industry value chain. Her passion for advocating for women’s participation in the extractives sector earned her an appointment to the board of the Association of Women in Mining in Africa (AWIMA) representing the interests of women in EI in the Eastern Africa Region. She is passionate about ensuring mineral resources are exploited for the benefit of all the stakeholders and foster economic development.