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Susan Wheeler

Susan Wheeler

Responsible Jewelry Transformative

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Susan Wheeler is a jewelry designer who sculpts her jewelry models from clay and sun dries them to achieve a truly organic texture, a texture that has only been modified by nature, not by tools or hands. The signature organic texture resembles the textures found in nature, the ripple of wind on the water, the cracking of earth as it dries and the pattern of bark growing on a tree. She believes in making quality jewelry that is continually innovating her craft.Susan Wheeler's award winning jewelry is cast in 18 karat Fairmined gold and created by hand in Chicago. Susan sources fair trade gems, she uses antique diamonds and works to ensure integrity in all facets of her supply chain. Susan Wheeler is devoted to furthering the movement of responsible jewelry. Susan is the founder and visionary of The Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference. Susan is a board member of Ethical Metalsmiths. Susan is on the Steering Committee and Lead on Initiatives for The Jewelry Industry Summit. Susan is the Vice President of the Chicago Chapter of The Women's Jewelry Association. Susan is a member of AGTA (American Gem Trade Association), MJSA(Manufacturing Jewelers and Supply Association) and CJDG)Contemporary Jewelry Design Group)